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To be honest, when I retire from Sky, I want to sell my account and make a little profit, but I’m worried that selling my account is illegal, right?

Is it true that selling accounts is illegal?

This time, in order to alleviate such concerns, we will thoroughly explain why the act of selling Sky accounts is said to be illegal, and whether it is really illegal!

Is it illegal to sell Sky accounts?

The bottom line is that selling Sky accounts is not illegal.

The reason is that as of 2022, there is no account trading law.

Selling a Sky account is legal and not criminal, as the account itself is not illegal.

If it had been illegal in the first place, people who sell it on SNS such as Twitter would have been arrested or featured in the news.

why is it illegal?

I explained earlier that the act of selling accounts is not illegal because there is no law. Isn’t it?

That’s because selling accounts violates Sky’s Terms of Service.

If you check Sky’s terms of service, you will find that it is clearly prohibited to give your account to a third party.

The important thing to note here is not “violating terms of service"="violating law".

Terms of use are rules that must be followed when using the content, and are different from the law.

In addition, since the terms of use are rules for using the game, it is not possible to directly prohibit actions outside the game such as transfer.

If it is not listed, it is prohibited by the game’s terms of usebecause there is a possibility of receiving criticism such as “Account buying and selling is officially allowed!".

Because of this, rumors spread that account trading was illegal due to the logic of “violating the terms of use → bad things → illegal". is considered to be

It’s not against the law, but you should understand that it’s against manners and rules.

What are the risks of account trading?

The biggest bottleneck in buying and selling accounts is the possibility of getting your account banned.

Of course the buyer doesn’t like it, but the seller may also get into trouble with the buyer.

As will be explained later, if you want to buy or sell , use a place where you can lower your risk.

Account trading itself is not illegal, butIf you commit fraud using trading, you will be arrested normally, so Don’t do it.

But I want to buy or sell accounts!

After listening to the explanation so far, some of you may think, “I understand the risks, but I want to buy and sell“.

I was one of the people who thought the same way, but it is important to trade as safely as possible when trading with an understanding of the risks.

and other SNS transactions areabsolutely not recommended.

is quite risky due to problems such as prepayment and postpayment.

For safe trading, we recommend using flea market sites that specialize in buying and selling game accounts.

To put it simply, a certain flea market site “Me*Cali", the money paid by the purchaser is once deposited by the management of the site.

After that, the seller will hand over the account and the buyer will check if there are any problems with the product.

After confirming that there is no problem with the account, the buyer reviews the item and the money is reflected in the seller.

If you use the “private function", you can minimize the risk of account bans, as you can secretly trade.

There are various specialized flea market sites, from pin to pin, but you can use a lot of functionsGame club etc. are famous.

Safety is the top priority when trading!

Five points to increase the safety of buying and selling Sky accounts

Finally, here are some safety tips when buying and selling Sky accounts.

I will explain separately for the seller and the buyer, so please refer to it.

Safe selling points for sellers

Actually, sellers don’t risk that much.

Because Sky is played by the buyer, and after the sale, the seller doesn’t use the Sky account.

So, if I had to point it out, it would be the following two points.

Do not pass transfer account information before payment

A common practice among beginners is to misunderstand the buyer’s “payment" report and hand over the transfer account information before the payment is completed.

If you use a site like Game Club mentioned earlier, the purchaser’s payment You will be contacted by the site management when the is completed.

If you hand it over before contacting you, you will not be able to receive any support, and it may be hijacked as it is, so be careful.

Check if the number of ultimates and gifts you have is different from the listing information

Purchasers have a variety of reasons for purchasing their Sky account.

People who are attracted to ranks, rare items, and people who are attracted to playing history differ in what they value.

In the meantime, what if “There is no ultimate (earth owl, mask, etc.)…" after making the payment?

Of course, the purchaser will would not have bought the ultimate (earth owl, mask, etc.).

The example above is a little exaggerated, but it’s a trap that’s easy to fall into for those who think “that’s rare (laughs)", so be sure to check it out.

A deal is all about mutual trust. Be careful not to do anything that unfairly destroys the trust of the other party.

Safe purchase points for buyers

There are two points for buyers to purchase safely.

In general, Sky transactions are more at the buyer’s risk, so take this opportunity to check in advance.

Do not review before receiving account

If you use a site like Game Club mentioned earlier, if you do a review, you will be charged for the payment. is reflected to the seller.

Basically, once the payment is reflected, the transaction will be completed, so you will not be able to receive the product.

If you use a flea market site, you can rest assured that if you make an inquiry immediately, it will be responded to, but it will become difficult to receive the product as time passes, so be careful.

Change information as soon as possible after receiving an account

Since you can log in to the transfer account with your email address, etc., even after you hand over the account, if you keep the same email address and password, the original owner will be able to log in at any time.

In case the seller logs in by mistake, change the email address and password immediately to the one you have.

Sky account trading summary

So far, we have made it easy to understand whether selling Sky accounts is illegal or not.

As explained here, it is not illegal to sell Sky accounts.

If you use it wisely, it will give you many benefits and enjoy the game even more.

However, since it violates the terms of use, those who buy and sell Sky accounts should be careful about this point.

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