[How to sell Bounty Rush account] Sell immediately! Recommended account selling method!

I want to sell my BOUNTYRUSH (ONEPIECE) account, but I don’t know how…

This time, I will thoroughly explain the three recommended selling methods for those who want to sell their account quickly and the tips for selling.

Three ways to sell your BOUNTYRUSH account

    Three ways to sell your account
  1. Sell on social media
  2. Ask a Buyer
  3. Using flea market sites

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to compare safety, price, and speed and choose the method that suits you best.

Then I will explain in order!

Use SNS to sell between individuals

The first is how to sell on social media.

In conclusion, sales on SNS (mainly Twitter) are characterized by high risk, high return.

When selling on Twitter, the transaction is completely between individuals, so all the money generated when selling is yours.

So if you are good at negotiating prices, it is the fastest and most profitable method.

In addition, if you use direct messages to communicate, it is highly airtight, so it is difficult to find out that you have sold it.

Disadvantages of selling on SNS

Selling on SNS has many attractive benefits, but I personally cannot recommend it for the following reasons.

    Main Disadvantages
  1. The risk of being defrauded is high
  2. Often bought at a lower price than the market price

When you sell an account, you basically hand over the account first and pay after the account is verified.
*The reverse is also possible

Therefore, once you hand over your account, it may be taken away.

Also, if you don’t know the market, there are cases where you can’t notice even if you are presented with a price that is considerably lower than the market, so be careful.

If you want to sell on SNS

If you are considering selling on SNS, find a person who claims to have a lot of achievements or a person who can pay in advance and do business with them.

However, the hurdles may be a little high because we don’t know if the achievements are true and there aren’t many people who can pay in advance.

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ask the purchaser

The second is to ask an account purchaser.

Buyers are recommended for those who value safety the most.

This is because they are often run by companies, and it is highly unlikely that your account will be lost.

Conversely, if you try to cheat, you will be severely punished, so read the terms of use carefully before using it.

Disadvantages of asking a purchaser

Buyers are excellent in terms of safety, but there are the following disadvantages.

Main Disadvantages
  • Strict conditions for purchase
  • Bought cheaper than market price
  • Unlike individuals who purchase for the purpose of playing, purchasers are in business to make a profit.

    In order to make a profit, you have to sell at a higher price than you bought.

    There are various second-hand purchases other than accounts, but this is a common fact for all purchasers.


    A few years ago, I had a computer purchased from a dealer, but the dealer at that time was more generous, and when I asked him, “How much would you sell it for?" I have answered you.

    At that time, I bought it for 30,000 yen and said that I would sell it for about 60,000 yen.

    In this case, if you sold it individually, you would have earned a profit of 30,000 yen. . .

    To be honest, game accounts are much harder to sell than PCs and clothes.

    Even if you buy an account that is hard to sell, the cost of inventory management will increase, and in the worst case, you may not be able to recover the purchase cost.

    For that reason, you will have to set strict purchase conditions.

    How do I request a purchaser?

    If you are thinking of asking a purchaser, basically we recommend a site that is displayed at the top of the “account purchase".

    Matsubushi is famous and I often see advertisements.

    Recently, I found a new site called Purchasing Dash, but the purchase conditions are different from other sites. was also set very low.

    Probably, the amount of money you can buy on any site doesn’t change much, so if your account isn’t that strong, I think you can buy it on a site called Purchase Dash.

    Use flea market sites

    The last thing I would like to introduce is to sell using account trading flea market sites.

    It is specialized for game accounts and the mechanism is almost the same as a certain flea market site.

    If you have used it, you will understand it immediately, but if you explain it briefly, the flow will be as follows.

    Simple flow

    1.Seller sells BOUNTYRUSH account

    2. Buyer buys BOUNTYRUSH account

    3.Flea market site temporarily keeps the paid money

    4. Seller provides account information

    5.When the buyer confirms, the money is reflected to the seller

    Unlike Twitter, you don’t have to hand over your account first, so you can rest assured.

    It’s a bit troublesome to register as a member on the flea market site, but once you put it up, all you have to do is wait for it to sell.It’s easier than other means.

    Also, unlike purchasers, most people buy accounts for the purpose of playing individually, so there are no prerequisites for selling.

    Therefore, there is a possibility that you can buy with any account, and you can often buy at the original market price.

    Some sites hold campaigns on a regular basis, so if you use them at that time, you may get a good deal.

    Disadvantages of using flea market sites

    When using a flea market site, it is a big disadvantage that there is a difference in response depending on the operation.

    Some sites won’t intervene very much even if you contact them when trouble occurs, so be careful.

    Also, if you don’t know the market price well, you may not be able to sell it for a long time, so when you put it up for sale, set the price while examining the prices of other listings.

    To check the market price, we recommend the Game Club’s “Market Price Bulletin Board". As long as you register as a member, anyone can be evaluated for free.

    How to sell at a flea market

    Since there is not much difference in the system itself at any flea market site, it is recommended to choose based on low fees and operational support.

    The cheapest flea market site currently available is Game Club. It is convenient to have the sales proceeds withdraw within 30 minutes.

    All flea market sites are basically free to register as a member, so it’s best to actually use them, but personally, I recommend game clubs, which have more merits for sellers.

    Flow of selling a BOUNTYRUSH account

    The flow of actually selling a BOUNTYRUSH account is to disclose the account information to the person who wishes to purchase the account and have them take over the account.

    Transfer methods provided by BOUNTYRUSH

    BOUNTYRUSH transfer method is “SNS authentication (Facebook link/Apple ID link)" or “Transfer with ID/password".

    Points to note when selling BOUNTYRUSH

    Please note that the transfer ID and password have an expiration date.
    Also, once you take over, you cannot issue a new takeover ID and password for 24 hours.

    If you change the model between different OS, you cannot carry over the rainbow diamond.

    Things to check when selling a BOUNTYRUSH account

    We have summarized the confirmation items below when trading BOUNTYRUSH accounts, so please refer to them.

    • The transfer method is “SNS authentication (Facebook linkage / AppleID linkage)" or “ID / password"
    • Rainbow diamonds cannot be transferred between different OS

    It is one way to refer to the contents that other users are exhibiting, so if you are interested, please check it out!

    Summary of how to sell your BOUNTYRUSH account

    So far, I have explained how to sell a BOUNTYRUSH account.

    Personally, I recommend selling at a flea market that has a good balance of safety, price, and speed, but I hope that I can help you find the best way to sell.