Can’t sell Genshin Impact accounts? A thorough explanation of how to sell and 8 tips for beginners!


Do you have any of the following problems?

  • I don’t know how to sell my Genshin account!
  • Does it really sell?
  • I’m worried that there will be trouble when I sell it!

This time, I will explain in detail how to sell and the process of selling a Genshin account for such people!

I hope it will be helpful for those who are considering buying and selling Genshin accounts!

8 tips to sell your account

Have you ever bought and sold clothes, shoes, miscellaneous goods, home appliances, etc. at flea market sites?

The trick to selling a Genshin account is actually very similar to selling things on a flea market site!

This time, while referring to Game Club, 8 tips will be introduced!

Highlight safety points

Accounts don’t degrade like clothing or miscellaneous goods, so don’t worry too much about the product condition.

However, since it is assumed that the account will continue to be used even after purchase, accounts that are at risk of becoming unusable are often avoided.

In other words, you need to show that your account is a safe place for buyers to click.

in particular,

  • One owner, first owner
    *Meaning that you own the account from the beginning
  • I have never been “banned"

such,Let’s clearly indicate that it is a genuine account in the title and listing description!

Even if you think it’s obvious that you don’t need to write it down, writing it down will give you a sense of security.

As a factor that actually led to the purchase,

  • Because it was not integrated with multiple platforms
  • I was relieved that the account status was described in detail

There are many people who are citing

Also, how to link and how to take over is a point of concern for buyers, so
It is also recommended to write something concrete, such as “I will send you the authentication code necessary to change your password and email address".

Summary Media Editing Team

In account buying and selling, peace of mind may be the most important thing!

Look at the market and decide the price

It is very important to set the price according to the market when selling an account.

If the price is clearly higher than the market price, it is natural that the possibility of selling will be low.

If there are no reactions to the product for a long time after listing, consider revising the product price.

However, some of you may say, “how do I find out what my account’s market value is!“.

In that case, we recommend methods to use the narrowed search on the site where you are listing!

As an example, Game Club will be used as a reference, but in the case of Genshin, it is narrowed down by five conditions. You can search by

If a similar account is selling well, it will be easier to get good results if you use that price as a reference.

Items that can be filtered by Genshin account

  • Charge
  • Adventurer Rank
  • Rough count
  • Number of 5 star characters
  • Number of 5 star weapons


What if you don’t know the market price?

This method is limited to Gameclub, but if you really don’t know the market price, Assessment bulletin board.

If you use the account assessment bulletin board, Genshin’s knowledgeable people will assess it for free!

Click here for assessment bulletin board

Summary Media Editing Team

If you are lucky, you may be able to purchase it as it is from the assessment!

Easy to understand images

Image data is important information for the purchaser.

Let’s post images that are easy to understand, such as rank, number of ores, number of 5 star characters and weapons!

There are rumors that modern people are easy to judge from the impression of image content, so it is surprisingly important to be able to understand the contents of the account just by the image.

Moderate amount of information

If there is not enough information, the content of the product cannot be conveyed, but there is a risk that important points will be skipped, so it is not good to write too much.

Since many people skim through this, there is a possibility that it will cause trouble later.

If you really want to write a long sentence, try to write the most important points at the top.

Also, titles are especially important because other people’s items are listed together in listings.

So, let’s include what you want to convey most about your account in the title!

Examples of titles that are likely to overlap with other listings

“Retirement Account"
“I’m retiring. Gacha limited possession"
“Various limited characters"

An example of a catchy title

Ayaka + Kirikiri Sankuru 1 convex Star 4 complete convex Many strong characters Possessing many strong weapons Holy relics carefully selected

Insert lots of keywords

Basically, the flea market site has a keyword search function.

It will only be displayed if the keyword is included in the product description or title, so if you include a lot of keywords that people who are looking for an account will enter, your product will be easier to hit.

There are many people who search for collaboration characters, so it is recommended that you always write the name of the collaboration character you have.

Timing your listing

Flea market sites are actively trading during the night hours.

This is because during the daytime, even those who are busy with school or work can take their time looking at their smartphones.

If you are having trouble selling your item, it might be a good idea to relist it at night time.

Respond promptly and honestly to questions

Beginning prices and asking questions is significant interest in your account.

If you neglect the person who asked you a question about your product while there are a considerable number of listings, not only will that person’s willingness to buy decrease, but other people who are looking at the question will It can also reduce people’s willingness to buy.

It can’t be helped if it’s not convenient for you to reply, but try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Enrich your profile

In addition to listing, your profile is also an important factor.

  • What kind of games do you mainly buy and sell
  • Do you have RMT experience
  • Price negotiable
  • I will respond politely
  • Respond quickly

This kind of description will make it easier for people to have a good impression.

If you are new to RMT, it is important to be honest.

In many cases, the counterparty will be kind and supportive, transactions often go smoothly.

If you also state when you can respond, you can ask questions and make purchases according to that time, so let’s write it.

Preparation before selling

There are a few things you should do in order to sell your Genshin account smoothly.

Know the price of your Genshin account

First of all, let’s investigate how much your Genshin account will sell for before you start selling!

By knowing the approximate price of your Genshin account, you can systematically figure out which characters are more valuable and which strength accounts are more likely to sell. increase.

Once you understand the above, you will be able to appeal to buyers, and it will be much easier to sell!

However, it may be a little difficult for beginners to understand the market from scratch.

The following two methods are recommended for such people!

  • Check how much a product similar to your Genshin account is selling for at a similar price.
  • Use Gameclub’s account assessment board

I especially recommend using Gameclub’s account assessment bulletin board!

If you use the account assessment bulletin board, Genshin’s knowledgeable people will assess it for free!

Genshin Market Information

Account quotes traded on Genshin

* Summary Dia’s own research content

Max Price ¥300,000
Most traded price range ¥300~¥3,000

Details of accounts that traded at high prices

Price ¥300,000
Feature 1 Total Charge 3.5 million
Feature 2 Star 5 character perfect 12 Star 5 weapon perfect 16
Feature 3 2000 rough stones

Confirm how to take over Genshin

If you sell your Genshin account, you will of course need to hand over your account.

When you start a transaction and try to hand it over, you may cause trouble for the buyer if you don’t know how to assignment it, so be sure to check it thoroughly!

When selling a Genshin account, the only thing the seller has to do is prepare in advance before the assignment, but it is recommended that you also check the assignment method!

How to take over Genshin

Account migration is possible by linking with the ID or app that you logged in to.


Account linking is available below

  • miHoYo Account
  • Google
  • Game Center
  • Apple ID
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Precautions for assignment

  • Data can be shared between PC and smartphone
  • PS4 and Switch cannot share data with other devices
  • Data sharing between PS4 and Switch is not possible
  • Can be assignmentred between PS4s
  • Cannot migrate data to a different server
  • Data cannot be deleted on each device

Selecting a site when actually selling an account

Once you’ve done the work up to this point, decide which site to sell next.

There are many sites where you can buy and sell accounts, but this time we use Gameclub!

Why I recommend Gameclub

  • Withdraw immediately after applying for withdrawal!
  • The lowest fees in the industry!
  • The only money-back guarantee service in the industry
  • not found on other sitesMany useful functions!

Gameclub offers a higher quality service than other companies with a low usage fee, so I highly recommend it!
There are other parts that I think are good, but I can’t introduce them here, so if you’re interested, you can check them below!

actually sell your Genshin account

From here on out, we will actually be listing items on Gameclub, but if you do the preparations I mentioned earlier, all you have to do is wait for a buyer to be found once the listing is complete!

Exhibition flow

1.Click here to register as a member.
2.Tap the listing button at the bottom right of the screen
3.Upload images/videos and select a game title
4.Enter the listing title, product description, specific items, and automatic message
5.Fill in the exhibition format and product price
6.Confirmation of listing information
7.Tap “Sell" to complete listing!
*Quoted from Gameclub official

Click here for a more easy-to-understand explanation on the official Gameclub page

What if buyers have questions?

Comments may come from the buyer when the listing is complete.

In my experience, the main thing is to check the product content.

If you treat them kindly, the transaction will smoothly, so don’t be too lazy to answer.

Flow after buyer is decided

Once the buyer is decided, it’s finally the last spurt!

We will actually hand over your Genshin account.

The transaction flow is roughly summarized as follows.

    1. Buyer makes payment
    2. Pass your Genshin account
    3. Review to Seller
    4. Reflection of sales proceeds
    5. Buyer Reviews
    6. Transaction complete!

How do I transfer my Genshin account?

When handing over a Genshin account, all you have to do is tell the purchaser the “linked account information" that you set earlier!
The transfer procedure is done by the buyer, so let’s wait for a while until the transfer can be confirmed.
*Do not attempt to log in again at this time, as doing so may cause trouble.
Once the buyer has completed the handover process, the transaction will be reviewed.
Once the review is done, the transaction will be completed and the sales will be reflected to the seller.

Precautions when selling a Genshin account

Do not pass “account information" before deposit

Changing your Genshin account password will prevent other users from logging in.
In other words, if you hand it over without being deposited, there is a possibility that only the account will be taken away.
Be sure to pass it after the status in the chat you communicate with the buyer is paid.
Reference image

Don’t log in after passing “account information"

If you log in after handing over your Genshin account, the buyer will feel distrustful of you, and in the worst case, there is a possibility that the transaction will not have been completed and you will be forced to refund.
Gameclub, which I used this time, is particularly focused on anti-fraud measures, so be careful.

Summary of how to sell a Genshin account

This concludes the explanation of how to sell Genshin account data.
This time I introduced how to sell on Gameclub, but the flow is the same for other sites.
Genshin Account is a game that has been out for quite some years, but is still actively traded.
We hope that as many people as possible can add value to their accounts.

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